The French capital of Paris is a beautiful city to visit, and there are a lot of interesting and historical sights to see while you are there.  Paris is known as the “city of love” or as the “city of lights”, and it has so much to offer to residents and visitors, alike.  From iconic landmarks, to beautiful scenery, and to some exquisite cafes and restaurants, Paris is a destination that has something to offer to anyone who plans to visit this remarkable city.

A trip to Paris doesn’t seem complete without a visit to the Louvre Museum.  Known as the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre is a Paris landmark unlike any other place.  This museum is filled with a variety of archeological exhibits, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and so much more.  Guests can easily spend hours walking through the exhibits and basking in the glory of such a wealth of artwork.

Notre Dame de Paris is another landmark that should be seen by any visitor; however, if you remember, this landmark suffered from a fire disaster in the Spring of 2019.  Although the cathedral is not opened yet for the public, due to renovations from the fire, this landmark is still an iconic structure that should not be missed.  Construction of Notre Dame began in 1160 and lasted for about one hundred years.  Through the centuries, the cathedral has had many renovations and modifications, but it is always quite remarkable to be the unique structure that it is, for all to enjoy.

Perhaps the most iconic structure in all of Paris is the Eiffel Tower.  The Eiffel Tower measures 1063 feet tall, and it is the tallest structure in all of Paris.  It is beautiful by day, as you can easily distinguish the lattice-type, wrought-iron design that was used in its’ construction.  By night, the Tower is brilliant and recognizable by everyone in the area.  The Eiffel Tower was built in the late 1880’s, and has been a main landmark for Paris ever since.  The Eiffel Tower is opened to the public every day of the year, and visitors can decide how high up into the Tower they wish to explore.

Near the Eiffel Tower is the gorgeous Seine River.  This river, that runs through the city, is a main waterway for river cruise ships and scenic riverboat cruises.  The full expanse of the river is 483 miles.  Enjoying a ride along the river is a wonderful, relaxing way to spend an afternoon, an evening, or a nighttime excursion.  The views are memorable and beautiful, and there are several options for visitors to enjoy.

Lastly, Paris is a haven for food enthusiasts.  From old, historic restaurants to newer, quaint cafes, travelers can find a plethora of food choices throughout the streets of Paris.  Perhaps some of the best fine dining establishments are Epicure, Boutary, or Pur’-Jean-Francois Rouquette.  There are many local places for you to treat your taste buds to, and many off-the-street markets and cafes that are easy to enjoy and are easily accessible.  Bon Appetite!