If you are traveling in the United States, and you are looking for a place to visit that is rich in history and has plenty of interesting sights to explore, then consider Boston as one of your stops.  Boston, Massachusetts is the capital of the state, and is one of the oldest cities in our entire country.  It was founded by English Puritans in 1630.  Throughout the city, visitors will find many historic buildings to explore, as well as a wealth of modern-day places to find entertainment, fine dining, and plenty of things to see and do.  With so much to offer and a great place to learn about the influences of the American Revolution that happened in this city, Boston is certainly a place for any history buff.

One great place to start with a historical tour of Boston is on the Freedom Trail.  The Freedom Trail was organized in the 1950’s and is a suggested path through the streets of downtown Boston.  The 2.5-mile path winds through the city and highlights many historical sights of the city.  Official tours are available along the Freedom Trail, or visitors are free to meander along the Trail at their own pace.  Some of the sights that are highlighted along the Freedom Trail include; the Massachusetts State House, the country’s First Public School, the Boston Massacre Site, the New England Holocaust Memorial site, the , the Old North Church, the USS Constitution Museum, and so much more.  The Freedom Trail can be enjoyed in one, very full, day, or can be spread out over several days, depending on how much time you wish to spend at each designated landmark.

Another interesting stop is Faneuil Hall.  This building is also called the “Cradle of Liberty”, as it is a place where many well-known orators have made famous speeches over the years.  First opened in 1743, Faneuil Hall has been the place where people like Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, and James Otis, Jr., have made public speeches on many controversial issues, including the “taxation without representative” speeches.  Today, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a place filled with interesting shops and restaurants.  This place is almost always filled with people, as they meander their way through the interesting venues and entertainment delights.

For folks who are interested in a natural escape in the midst of the bustling city of Boston, then one place that you should not miss is the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common.  Boston Public Garden first opened in 1837 and consists of 24 acres of natural beauty.  Many people enjoy an afternoon stroll through the park or a leisurely ride on a swan boat around the park lake.  The park has walking trails and statues for all to enjoy, and is opened every day of the year.  Adjacent to the Boston Public Garden is the Boston Common.  The Boston Common was established in 1634 and holds the title for being America’s oldest public park.

Boston is a city with so much to explore, that a visitor can easily spend several days here and still have plenty of things to see.  Along with exploring the history of the city, you can also easily find delicious local restaurants, as well as many interesting shopping destinations, too.

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